I found out about a role for an Author's Escort.. what does that exactly mean?

I found out about a role for an Author's Escort.. what does that exactly mean?
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Author Escort Volunteer at Los Angeles Times Festival of Books Missing Details

almost 2 years ago
Volunteering for the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is very fun and not too difficult. When you sign up to volunteer you have the option of being a regular volunteer, an author escort, or a book worm (this position is mainly for people who have experience with the festival because it is a supervising position) Being an author escort may require you to stay an hour or two later than the shift assigned to you. For example my shift started at 10:30 was supposed to end at 12:30 but the author escort I did ran longer and I did not end up finishing until 2:30. The second day I did it I finished earlier. It depends on the author usually. Going to orientation is not required but it does help tell you about what your role is as a volunteer or author escort. Usually you check in and get your sacked lunch, you make your way to the author escort tent to get your assignment. You sign up for an author to escort, usually author escorts are a group of two sometimes it’s a solo job (again it depends on the author). Usually you can have time before you have to get your author to eat and explore other times you can finish early and then eat and explore. When the time comes to escort your author(s) you figure out a way to get them to their panel quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s not a difficult job. Usually you’re supervising, making sure no one talks to the author(s) after the panel until they get to their signing. The author(s) could ask you to do something for them but usually you wait until the author(s) are done signing books to escort them back to where they need to be. You go back to the tent you started and your shift ends. (Unless you can spare more time or work double shifts)
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