How do I prepare for an interview for a Coordinator (Communications and Processing Center) position at HACC?

How do I prepare for an interview for a Coordinator (Communications and Processing Center) position at HACC?
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Former Coordinator, Communications and Processing Center at HACC, Central Pennsyvania's Community College

almost 3 years ago
This particular interview process was unique in several ways. When I initially applied and interviewed for this position I was told that I did not meet one of the requirements; supervisor experience. They offered me the position on a 6 month interim basis. After those 6 months I reapplied and interviewed for the position, which I then got.
In preparation for both interviews I researched the company thoroughly. At this point I was already an employee of the college so gathering information was fairly easy. The next thing that I did was review/study the specific job requirements for this role and compare them to the experience I already had. In my second interview after the 6 month interim role, I gathered examples on how I handled various employee situations that directly related to being a supervisor. Finally, I practiced both common and difficult interview questions with my colleagues.
Overall I think there are a few things that are very important when going into an interview.
  1. Be yourself. Let your personality shine.
  2. Research the company you are applying for and see how your experience maybe relate to some of your findings.
  3. Have good examples already picked out prior to the interview. Use some common interview question templates to help map out those examples.
  4. Record yourself. I recently learned the value of watching myself in an interview. I learned that I expressed certain quirks. For example, I messed with my hair and fidgeted a lot. After watching myself, I became more aware and was able to limit the amount of fidgeting.
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