What's a day in the life of an Applied Behavior Analyst at Easterseals like?

What's a day in the life of an Applied Behavior Analyst at Easterseals like?
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Former Applied Behavior Analyst at Easterseals

almost 3 years ago
My work included both in-home and in-center therapy. I would typically see 1-3 clients a day, mostly in the client's home.
I would begin by driving directly to my first client's home for a two-hour session. Sessions include a mix of lessons and play to ensure that the technician-client relationship remains positive. A short play time (~2 minutes) follows the completion of a lesson (~5-10 minutes). Throughout the session, I collected data on the client's performance, which was later used as the Board Certified Behavior Analysts evaluated the efficacy of the client's current behavior plan. Lessons may focus on a variety of areas, ranging from self-help, academic, motor, play, social, and language skills, as well as encouraging appropriate adaptive behaviors.
There would usually be a bit of down time between clients, during which I would drive to one of the Easterseals locations. During this time, I would often create materials for future lessons. This time could also be used as a break to eat, relax, or do homework if you are pursuing classes outside of work.
In-center sessions were more collaborative than sessions in the client's home, as clients can often interact during play time. Clients can interact during story times, arts and crafts, outside time, and general play time.
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