How do I prepare for an interview for a Pharmacy Intern position at New York Presbyterian?

How do I prepare for an interview for a Pharmacy Intern position at New York Presbyterian?
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Pharmacy Intern and Lead User of Intelliguard at New York Presbyterian

over 1 year ago
Well being Lead User of Intelliguard is one of my duties as the Pharmacy Intern at NYP LMH. My manager thought that I was the most appropriate for implementing and educating the staff about the system. In terms of my interview, given that it was 3 years ago, I can't remember exactly what was asked of me. But there are the obvious questions such as: Why did you choose pharmacy? What are your goals while working here? What attributes do you have that makes you stand out and different from everyone else? What is your greatest flaw turned into a positive for us? Why us in particular? My advice to anyone interviewing is to always read up on the company or hospital that you're interviewing for. Know their goals and their purpose statement, what they strive for and what the want in their workers. See how you can fit into that goal and what you can bring to them. Often times we hire based on interest and availability. If you seem like the person that's willing to work hard and learn everything then that makes you more attractive as a potential candidate for hire. The other thing we are concerned with is availability. Since you are still a student, we want to see how much of an effort you are willing to make to work. Of course not asking you to sacrifice school or study time but will you work on the weekends instead of taking off and just relaxing. Are you willing to work holidays? All of this shows motivation and a desire to be of help which is something we really desire in our workers. And of course, money shouldn't be a topic of discussion because in theory you are there more for the experience rather than the need to get paid. If there is anything else in regards to the topic please feel free to reach out.
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