Do you like your role as a security guard at Allied Universal?

Do you like your role as a security guard at Allied Universal?
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Security Officer at Allied Universal

over 2 years ago
I personally feel as though my job is very rewarding. I was trained both as a security professional as well as a dispatcher. I am currently working more hours as a dispatcher for the site I work. I am responsible for watching CCTV for any threats of violance or any other type of suspicious behavior. I dispatch officers to anything that fits a code of conduct being broken, to theft, fights, slip and falls, the list could be endless. I am responsible for the dispatch and placement of the officers that are working during my shift. I send out the morning reports that includes the day before daily summary as well as a waste management report for all location compactor and trash inspections. I answer and make phone calls from tenants in the mall to patrons calling about questions to calling central dispatch for officer assistance. I sign out amigos to patrons needing mobility assistance. I dispatch officers and call out new location/district changes. I check contractor insurance to make sure they are valid and assist them to the nearby Electrical Room if they need access or dispatch an officer to assist if it's an ER that is not in Management Hallway. I assist the client in any task they ask of me. There are many more daily tasks, and those task can vary day to day.
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