What's a typical day for an associate at Fisher Investments like?

What's a typical day for an associate at Fisher Investments like?
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Former Junior Associate at Fisher Investments

over 2 years ago
A typical day at Fisher Investments started out with driving over to Camas, WA early in the morning. I usually would work from 7am-3pm on a typical day, and there were various goals that I had each day when I arrived to work as a junior associate in client programs. I had to get as many confirmations from calling clients as I could, and we would call clients to try and get them to go to some of our events that were paid by Fisher. These events were supposed to increase the likelihood of the clients staying with Fisher for as long as possible and to develop and great relationship with them. As a junior associate, it was my job to call as many clients as I could and try to be as friendly and understanding with them as possible. I would also have to fill out information cards and submit them to the sales department if there was a possible prospective client that attended one of our planned events. In summary, it was my job to help increase client satisfaction and make sure that they stayed up to date with their investment counselor who was supposed to answer any questions that they had regarding their account.
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