What's it like to work in a business role at a retail store like Gap?

What's it like to work in a business role at a retail store like Gap?
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Former Business and Training Specialist at Gap

over 2 years ago
The position differs depending on the store and who the hiring manager is and what they need you to do. The BTS works under the hiring manager to assist them with the hiring and training process. This means you could be doing anything from prescreening of applications or first phone interviews to training new hires about their new position. As a leader in the store, which is very similar to being like an assistant manager, you also have other responsibilities outside of your BTS position. You can be taking an hour as Sales and Service leader, which means you are in charge of making sure the sales floor is running smoothly, with employee breaks/lunches being taken on time, ensuring employees are getting jobs done effectively, and making sure customers are fully satisfied with their shopping experience. Along with that, in my experience, you could also be the closing manager which means you are he only manager or leader there for the last few hours the store is open. You take care of closing paperwork, recovery of the store, and locking up when you leave.
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