Do you have any tips on what to highlight for my interview at AA as a flight attendant?

Do you have any tips on what to highlight for my interview at AA as a flight attendant?
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Flight Attendant at American Airlines

over 2 years ago
We are committed to customer service excellence, therefore you should have a solid customer service background and be prepared to provide examples of how you went above and beyond. Also, provide an example of how you handled and adverse situation that did not resolve to the customers satisfaction. What you did, said etc. Dress like a professional for your interview via video and in person. Men- wear a suit with a tie and polished shoes no exceptions. Ladies, wear a conservative dress, slacks or skirt at knee level, no mini skirts we are not hiring based on your legs. Hair and makeup should also be conservative. Makeup minimal not heavy.....nails well manicured with a neutral color as this is also required in flight training school no exceptions. You are required to dress this way every day for five weeks in flight training no exception.....You will be uniform checked, manicure checked, hair and makeup checked every day at check in and you are required to maintain that look while in class or on a training aircraft, no exceptions. You are also required to treat others with respect at all times and to be open to others ideas, expressions of identity and participate in class every day. Do not bring your religious dogma to training, no one cares and it is a neutral environment for a diverse work group of all attending. You are in boot camp while in training and you will be reminded of that every day. It is tough and demanding but this is how we weed out undesirables who cannot handle pressure or the act of basic compliancy and kindness.
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