Would you say Northwell Health is a good career destination?

Would you say Northwell Health is a good career destination?
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Former Patient Access Representative at Northwell Health

almost 2 years ago
Northwell Health is a great starting point for any position in healthcare especially if you want to stay in the Northeast. It is a international hospital (they have one in Sweden I believe or somewhere in Europe) and they have their own insurance company. They are one of the three major hospital networks in NYC, the other two being Mt Sinai and NYU. Having the experience I had at Northwell Health and the fact that I worked in Northwell Health has helped me gain a lot more experience and my current job now as a senior data analyst as being a patient access representative also meant coding insurances which helps a lot in my field right now. People say names don't matter but in comparison it's kind of like if I wrote I worked at Apple as a software engineer, you'd pretty much get a job anywhere, so the name carries a lot. Anyone from NYC or the tristate area knows Northwell Health, formerly known as NSLIJ. I've gotten plenty of callbacks for jobs in NYC because of that.
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