What's a day in the life of a Youth Coach at University of Miami like?

What's a day in the life of a Youth Coach at University of Miami like?
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Former Youth Coach at University of Miami

almost 2 years ago
My day as a Youth Coach--when I was on shift, started around 7 AM. Another Youth Coach and I were responsible for waking up 20 student students daily. I was stationed on the boys' floor and my co-worker on the girls floor.
After the students finished their morning routine, we all heading to the dinning hall as a group. After breakfast, the Youth coaches on duty escorted students to their schedules classrooms. Students are divided into academic groups.
Youth Coaches at this time are free to pick a subject they feel they can provide extra assistance in. During class, Youth Coaches aids students and provide academic support. Additionally, we ensure students are focused, on task and promote cooperate with teachers.
Then lunch is served. After lunch, students have free time before starting the licensed youth development instructor comes in activities.
After activities we have dinner, and return to the dorms. Students are free to relax, study, or play outside.
curfew is at 11PM and the rest of the night is making sure youths are in bed, and following the rules of the floor.
Each day brings many surprises and many challenges, but to serve and impact the students in a positive way is very encouraging.
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