I'm interested in a sales associate job at Journeys, so what does a typical work day look like?

I'm interested in a sales associate job at Journeys, so what does a typical work day look like?
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Former Sales Associate at Journeys Inc

about 2 years ago
Dress code is nothing more than casual wear with a pair of journeys shoes worn, and a lanyard with your name on it. I like to split the store in two parts the front and the back. The back is where all the shoes are listed by age demographic/ gender, brand, and size. This can vary between the adult and the kidz store. The back is mainly for putting up unsold shoes in their designated spots and getting shoes that have potential to sell. The front is where most sales associates will be. With no downtime wanted salesmen/saleswomen will want to always look busy, and not bored. By either fixing the laces on the shoes or tidying up the walls esc. When a customer is too walk in the store you should greet them in any way to give them a sense of welcoming! The point of selling is too not be aggressive to where you scare the customer away nor be too passive to where the customer doesn't know if you actually work there. The core idea of selling is off 4 basics things 1) Goal- everyone is given a daily goal, and a weekly goal. The job of the sales associate is to meet that goal. For example if my goal was $400 I would want to sell $400 simple. 2) Multiples- this is basically selling more than one pairs of shoes in a single transaction so you want to convince the customer to buy more than one shoe be that with a sale shoe, a gift, or just because. Multiples should be at a 45% by my previous managers standard which means 45% of all sales must consist of a multiple. 3) Hose/Socks- Socks are what split the gap between a good and a great sales associate. Easiest way to put it is to sell socks. Most packs of socks come with 5 Pairs and you want to have a ratio of 2:1 on socks to shoes. For example if I had sold 10 pairs of shoes I would want to match it with 4 packs of socks. with 20 pairs of socks to 10 pairs of shoes the ratio is 2:1. The company only demands a 1:1 ratio, but a 2:1 ratio will make a salesman stand out and excel with the company! 4) Accessories- This is easy basically anything else besides shoes. Yes that includes socks too! Backpacks, Purses, Watches, Socks all count towards accessories. the company asks for 15% of all purchases to be accessories. Selling is adapted with experience so don't feel ashamed at your first couple of goes. It takes practice but makes the job very enjoyable in the long run! When the store is ready to close the last thing to do is just fix up the store for the next day simple! P.s The job comes with a 40% on EVERYTHING not just shoes just something to keep in mind!
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