What's the job of a Quality Assurance Analyst?

What's the job of a Quality Assurance Analyst?
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Former Quality Assurance Analyst at Wells Fargo

about 3 years ago
A QAA learns a business process, investigates transactions generated from that process and analyzes the results of that investigation in order to determine if further action is necessary to improve the quality of the work or mitigate any risk that the company may be exposed to. Which business processes the QAA works on is determined by which department they work in. For example, as a QAA in a 3rd Party Ops dept., one could find themselves verifying that vendors are paid the correct amount for their services to the company. I liked the investigation and analysis portions of the work, but I did not like learning the processes because they were generally boring.

Former Customer Service/ QA Analyst at Global Gains

about 2 years ago
What about a Software Quality Assurance Tester, I would like to obtain an internship for this position. Is that the same job as a Quality Assurance Analyst?
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