What does a Service Manager II at Wells Fargo do?

What does a Service Manager II at Wells Fargo do?
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Service Manager II at Wells Fargo

over 2 years ago
The service manager role is the hardest role at the branch level. You are responsible for a wide array of duties. Duties such as monthly task, team member development, and client services. In addition, you are, essentially, the face of the company. You and your teller team (service team) are the first points of contact for many of the clients who entire the branch. Which means you set the tempo for the experience for each and every client when they visit your branch. You are also the decision maker for many situations - you are required to make sound decisions within minutes.

Personal Banker 2 at Wells Fargo

almost 2 years ago
Being the Service Manager II is not a difficult position to have. You work hand in hand with the Branch Manager to ensure the branch is meeting policies and procedures so you are ready for random quarterly audits done by back office. Once a year you get an in branch audit called the BCR, there, the auditor goes through paperwork to ensure that the branch is meeting company policies and asks questions to team members in the branch including bankers to ensure the branch knows what they're doing. Besides that, the SMII is in charge of hiring and coaching tellers, most decisions you take will be with your branch manager and aren't just left alone. It is not the hardest branch role, it is actually fairly easy. Lots of paperwork involved so being very organized is a must. You also get a Lead Teller who helps you carry the load. A good Service Manager trains their Tellers to become Lead Tellers and eventually promote higher in the branch. A good Service Manager also knows how to delegate tasks to team members and keeping the team motivated. You are usually the last stop on any transaction approvals requiring supervisor override. You get trained to do your job properly.
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