How well does NBCUniversal uphold their stated company values?

How well does NBCUniversal uphold their stated company values?
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Former HR/Page Program Intern at NBCUniversal

almost 2 years ago
I can't speak much on the company's values as it was several years ago. However, I remember since I was the only intern on my team I rarely hung out or mingled with other interns and sometimes they forgot to add my to leadership q and a's and some other intern events which was kind of sad.

Former Production Assistant at NBCUniversal

about 2 years ago
NBCUniversal is one of the finest companies one could hope to work for. They understand the responsibility they have to viewers to create content that educates, enriches and entertains, and that starts with the employees. NBCUniversal prides itself on cultivating a diverse and inclusive workforce, and from that stems content and stories that are reflective of the world around us. NBCUniversal strives to be a company that changes lives for the better, and while I can't speak for everyone, they have certainly done so for mine.
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