What qualities are interviewers at Deloitte looking for?

What qualities are interviewers at Deloitte looking for?
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Former Intern at Deloitte Beijing

over 1 year ago
Show your interests and knowledge toward big 4 accounting firms and auditing. You should prepare some knowledge of Deloitte in advance. Show your good communication skills. Be active when answering questions. If you can’t be very talkative, show your willingness to learn and improve. Relative experience in accounting or auditing. No matter it is a student club or other accounting firm, just show your previous experience and what you learnt from it Have a clear future career path. showing that you attach lots of importance in this internship

Former Audit Intern at Deloitte

almost 2 years ago
The 3 primary qualities/experiences an interviewer looks for is to have strong skills in the following areas: Leadership - have experience being a leader in either a project, club, or group. Once you reach the role of a senior in audit (2-3 years depending on the Big 4 firm), you will be mentoring staff and leading the audit engagement. Teamwork - have experiences working in teams. This is essential for our job as you will always be working in teams on every engagement. Communication - ability to hold a conversation with someone and articulate your points clearly. This is important for internal (EY) and external communications (the client) on your engagement.
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