What's a day in the life of an Account Manager (Drug Substance) at EMERGENT BIOSOLUTIONS like?

What's a day in the life of an Account Manager (Drug Substance) at EMERGENT BIOSOLUTIONS like?
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Account Manager (Drug Substance) at EMERGENT BIOSOLUTIONS

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Time and territory management skills are needed to be effective. To talk about a day in the life, we must start by discussing the night before that day. First, I organize and prioritize my actions in a to do list the night before the day so that when I wake up I know what I will be doing. It helps provide focus and efficiency for my day and for my internal and external customers.
Here are the various activities in a typical day:
Focus on promised prospect/customer deliverables such as an agreement or proposal. Either I drive the process or need to work with fellow colleagues that do not report to me to do the work. I build and present PowerPoints as well. I am attached to the phone - either my cell or use Skype for business. Skype is especially useful for conference calls with prospects and/or with internal people that can involve up to 20 people. I sometimes spend my time visiting with our employees at one of our manufacturing facilities - 2 in Baltimore and 1 in Gaithersburg. I speak to existing customers to see if they are happy with our current execution. If unhappy, I dig in and take responsibility to fix with my colleagues. This allow my clients to see me in action and to know they can count on me not to leave them after we get the sale. I also see when the next program will be available for us to work together and ask them for references. I just came back from spending 3 days in California at a trade show looking for leads and enhancing our current relationships. We had client meetings and there were networking events including receptions, dinners, lunches and breakfasts. Daily need to interact with many internal and external customers. I work hard not to over-promise and under-deliver to any one that I interact with. If I see that I will be getting different results than promised, I quickly speak with the individuals impacted so they can adjust expectations upwards. Since I close only 2-4 sales a year (but filter out between 100-200 suspects), much work goes into moving relationships forward and screening potential new opportunities for us. Sometimes I take a stronger Customer Advocate role within my company and some times I need to take a stronger corporate face. I also work thinking about the long-term impact of all relationships.
I try to give any tough news honestly, directly and with love. Treating people the way they wish to be treated at all times. Always tell the truth.
This is not a 9-5 type of job. Lots of hard and effective activities need to lead to achieving goals.
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