What is a day in the life of a producer at GEICO like?

What is a day in the life of a producer at GEICO like?
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Former P&C Producer at GEICO

over 2 years ago
The first couple of months as a P&C producer candidate are intense. First, you have a 3-4 weeks of INTENSIVE insurance licensure testing you have to complete in order to get your P&C license. If you pass and receive it, you move to the next phase in sales training which is also intense. They put a tremendous amount of pressure on you in training. If you can make it through that and are comfortable making sales, you’ll probably do fine. Day to day, once you’re on the floor, it’s a lot of sitting and waiting for phone calls, listening intently to the needs of the customer, creating an accurate quote for them and then persuading them to buy it. It is monotonous in certain ways, every call has the same format essentially but ever customer has a different personality and different situations that they’re trying to overcome and it does make for interesting variation. To summarize: Being successful in this position requires the ability to study hard and step out of your comfort zone, actively listen and the ability to ask people repeatedly to buy something from you when they’ve given you a reason they don’t want to or can’t.
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