Is Walt Disney a good place to work for?

Is Walt Disney a good place to work for?
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Freshman, Psychology

29 days ago
Sadly, I have to say no. I worked for the company back in 2013 for ten months and have had more negative than positive experiences there. Many people that I worked with, managers and co-workers, were very unfriendly and uncommunicative. There was a lot of miscommunication and confusion at times. Some leaders had the attitude that you should already know what you are doing, I had to learn on my own several times. I worked with a range of personalities, and only a handful of people were kind and supportive. I felt outnumbered by harsh employees, so I quit. If you are a very thick-skinned person who is very independent and not afraid of confrontation, you may find it just fine. But I did not. I also know people who have worked with corrupt managers at Disney. Disney is a fun place, but many of the employees are dreadful to work with.

Former Accountant at MANI Enterprises Inc.

3 months ago
I applied several times for accounting jobs at Disney , but after reviewing my resume they said i m not qualified. I think my degree is useless or I have to have a good connection there.

Former Disney College Program Participant at Walt Disney Company

about 2 years ago
I adore Disney, it's always been a part of my life. Whether it's vacationing at the parks or watching the movies at the theater or at home. I started working for the Walt Disney Company when I got hired at Radio Disney here in Portland. If it wasn't for my coworkers at Radio Disney, I wouldn't have been aware of the Disney College Program. I began to look into testimonials and meet more people who have completed the program. I never once received negative feedback. I wanted to be apart of the experience! It's a highly competitive program but I was up for the challenge. It took me three years to finally get accepted. What really motivated me was the stories of past experiences at Disney. I wanted to be apart of the Disney lifestyle and create magic for the guests that were vacationing. Since it took me three years to get accepted, I never hesitated to accept my offer!
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