Tips for doing well in my UX/UI interview at Apple?

Tips for doing well in my UX/UI interview at Apple?
2018-07-12T22:46:45Z 1

Interaction Designer at Apple

about 2 years ago
Be about to talk through your UX process! Know the projects in your portfolio like the back of your hand - if you don’t have a portfolio yet, you’ll need to make one! Squarespace has plenty of templates to help you with this process. Choose and customize one that works best for your needs and type of work. Highlight your most important projects. I recommend quality over quantity. Be ready with questions to ask the team you’re interviewing for. Some examples could be: How do designers work with other cross-functional teams? At what point is the design team brought into a project? How many designers are on your team and how do they collaborate? What design tools does the team use? Be yourself, show your personality, and be honest in terms of what you’re looking for in an internship. It can only help them tailor a better position and experience for you.
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