What specifically motivated you to apply as an At Home Advisor at Apple?

What specifically motivated you to apply as an At Home Advisor at Apple?
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Former At Home Advisor (iOS and Mac Support Technician) at Apple

about 3 years ago
I was motivated to become an At Home Advisor because I knew it would be a great career move for me as a Computer Science major: -Foot in the door with THE Apple Inc., a household name in technology; the job could lead to a great career with Apple later down the line. -I knew it would look good on a resume, even if I decided the position wasn’t for me in the long run. At every interview I’ve had since Apple, interviewers have raised their eyebrows (in a good way) when they see that I’ve worked at Apple in the past. I think it’s helped me a lot. - Under the College Program role for At Home Advisor, Apple works around your class schedule during the semester. So I knew that I would be able to take the classes I wanted instead of having to schedule class around a dynamic work schedule. -Working from home was a great way to cut down on commuting costs and make the best of my time. During my down time on the clock, I could do things that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do in a traditional work environment, like study or read or do homework. -The pay is pretty good, and the benefits are awesome. When I worked there, they had some reimbursement for tuition and required books which helped A LOT. The discount on merchandise allowed me to afford a MacBook Pro for school. Again, as a computer science major, this was SUPER helpful. NOTE: Even if your major is not technology-focused, this job is good experience on transferrable skills like communication, customer service, working with little supervision, computer use, etc. It’s extremely helpful to have experience with large professional companies when building your resume.
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