What are some possible career paths for a Theatre/Acting major?

What are some possible career paths for a Theatre/Acting major?
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Masters, MED in Instructional Practice

28 days ago
You could teach theatre in schools the M.Ed program at Lipscomb is pretty good.

Former Principle Dancer at NBCUniversal

about 2 years ago
Possible career paths for a Theatre/Acting major are several in approach, my role was that of a “Feature” meaning I was showcased with or without lines. In the network television Drama ‘Smash’ I was in the ensemble of the musical being created that was the focus of NYC theatre. But once I received the ‘feature’ status, room for growth became very possible. I was always in contact with directors and ’stars’ on the set was always asked back for other episodes as the result of my hard work. For a hopeful actor this is advantageous because it can easily lead to a ’Screen test.” My work with NBC led me to Cinemax, and Warner Bros productions before returning to Chicago to finish my undergraduate degree.

Former Graduate Assistantship - Voice Teacher at Bienen School of Music, Northwestern University

4 months ago
Wow! That's impressive! Thank you for sharing! Also, I loooooved the show "Smash". I watched it at that time from Buenos Aires, Argentina before moving to the USA for my masters.
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