What's a day in the life of a Pharmacy Intern at Duane Reade like?

What's a day in the life of a Pharmacy Intern at Duane Reade like?
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Former Pharmacy Intern at Duane Reade

almost 2 years ago
For a anyday you first start off with doing SmartCount. This is when you count 10 medications specified to you on the scanner to see if the amount we have in the system is the true amount we have. If you are at a store that does deliveries one would prepare them for the delivery man or woman. Of course there are counting pills, helping patients pick their OTC medications, counseling on their prescription medications, and using the computer to type and bill insurances electronic prescriptions. If your store does not have a clerk you will find yourself doing that AND taking the customers/patients at the register for their prescriptions or ringing up their groceries. There are also doctor calls and patient calls. There is a list of patients we need to call the doctor for their medication refills. There is also a list of patients to remind them that their medications are ready. All of these tasks are done every day and so one would need to prioritize their tasks well to be able to get through the day efficiently.
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