What do I need to learn to be a Deloitte analyst?

What do I need to learn to be a Deloitte analyst?
2018-06-22T21:28:34Z 2

Former Analyst at Deloitte

about 3 years ago
During my time at Deloitte, I found that people came from a variety of backgrounds and skill sets. That being said, as an Economic Analyst, my skills were primarily data analysis, econometric modeling, qualitative and quantitative research.

Former Health and Benefits Consulting - Analyst Intern at Willis Towers Watson

over 1 year ago
For a general consulting analyst, the top skills are social comfort (ability to be confident and fit into a social situation even if you're uncomfortable with it) and quick data analysis (ability to see new data and quickly relate it to the bigger picture/form a hypothesis about what it means for your client). These can be honed through trying new things, joining new clubs, networking excessively, and participating in case competitions, practicing for case interviews, taking quantitative classes.
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