What do you do as a School Psychologist at Lakeview School District?

What do you do as a School Psychologist at Lakeview School District?
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School Psychologist at Lakeview School District

almost 2 years ago
The role of a school psychologist changes from district to district. The goal of any school psychologist is to help students succeed academically, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally. In most cases, the primary role of a school psychologist is assessment for special education services. At Lakeview, our student population is smaller so I have the opportunity to work in a variety of other roles. I spend a lot of time consulting with teachers on behavior and emotional concerns, counseling individual students and groups of students, as well as responding to crises. I also have a hand in curriculum design (academic and social-emotional) and school-wide initiatives. We use a multi-tiered system of supports for academics, behavior, and social-emotional skills. I help design our tier one (core) strategies, as well as coordinate tier 2 and 3 supports in all areas. I am a leader in our school-wide bullying prevention curriculum this year and also coordinated a school-wide screening of social-emotional concerns. I am currently advocating for increasing access to mental health services in schools, and have been writing grants to increase our students' access to these services at Lakeview. I absolutely love being a school psychologist and having the ability to impact the success of all students!
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