What skills do I need to acquire if I want to get an internship in cyber security?

What skills do I need to acquire if I want to get an internship in cyber security?
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Former Cybersecurity Intern at Ford Motor Company

about 3 years ago
So as a cyber security intern, it's great to have a technical background. I have an ECE background (electrical and computer engineering), which helps me understand almost all aspects of how the vehicle and security that goes into place will coexist. I work in vehicle security, which is securing the vehicles from being hacked, so it's great to have the product development background too. There are many factors that go into cyber security, including research, planning, embedded systems (ECE), developing (compSci, ECE), penetration testing (ethical hacking, they teach you how to do this), hardware security (ECE), and incident response. My best advice that I have to offer is if you want to do cyber security, go into electrical/computer engineering. This will broaden your options to SOOOOO many great things not only in cyber but in product development, where you can work in embedded systems and develop the secure coding in the chips. You can work in all aspects of cyber, and by 2022 there will be almost 2 million job shortages. This will allow one to be a technical specialist within the cyber security field, which is very high on the food chain. Another qualification that I can say would be good is to do independent research and try to obtain cyber security certifications. This will allow one to say in an interview that they know how to Pen Test a device, or even the process of pen testing and just be somewhat knowledgeable about the subject, and with an ECE background of knowing the ins and outs of embedded systems, it will be hard not to offer the candidate a job. But, if ECE isn't your thing, I would recommend CompSci or information systems, although with an IS degree you'll need to have a broad cyber security knowledge beforehand.

Freshman, Bachelor of Science, Cybersecurity and Information Assurance

12 months ago
Hello Thank you for the excellent Advice. Through dogged research & analysis I find the white paper drawn up by Json Mitre 2010 * development of security in a virtual world Information security. = (Cybersecurity) I find often to be cross trained, all in all knowledge is power, I will continue my computer science studies. It is not the money some fields pay 6 figures 185k to start. true. some pay 45k to start true. My interest is the security of our Nation our warfighters our citizens . Money ? I could ransom or cheat easy the tough line. Integrity , Ethical Hackers STOP Bad actors, to have the knowledge and remain of vigilant ethics . provide solutions. capture targets, objects, & provide stop gap measures that emerge seemingly from nowhere . This is what I gathered from the Mitre corp determination. Diligence , Vigilance , Integrity , Honor Without exception all threats are to be eliminated by creating a new security never needed before. Cyber Security
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