What is the structure of the training program for a Legal Analyst at Goldman Sachs?

What is the structure of the training program for a Legal Analyst at Goldman Sachs?
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Legal Analyst, Merchant Banking at Goldman Sachs

about 3 years ago
I have yet to go through the training program for the full-time analyst role (I begin training on July 9th), but I can provide you with information on the training for the summer Legal Analyst role and then provide further information about full-time training at a later date if you would like. For the summer analyst position, you begin with a firm-wide training on basic financial principles where you learn about the different divisions within Goldman and take an abbreviated course on the necessary functions in Excel. In these sessions, you are split up based on your prior knowledge about finance and excel (you take a test before the internship starts and that test places you in the different groups). I knew little to nothing about financial markets before starting the internship and the firm-wide training helped me develop a broad understanding of finance and how Goldman operates within the financial sphere. Next, you move into the Legal department for a general training on how to write in a legal manner and then you go to your specific division, Merchant Banking. In that training, my team provided me with guides and videos to learn more about the business side of Merchant Banking within Goldman and how to write legal documents for Merchant Banking. Throughout my entire summer, I would frequently meet with the current analysts and lawyers in Merchant Banking to continue to build my skills and knowledge so I felt as if I continued to receive further training all summer to prepare me to become a full-time analyst.
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