What does a materials engineer do?!

What does a materials engineer do?!
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Former Senior Materials Engineer at Boeing

over 3 years ago
It varies: - Support design and manufacturing by reviewing drawings, process guides, materials & processing specifications & standards, troubleshooting on-site or remote problems - Lab work: failure analysis and materials testing - Materials development (directly or overseeing work done by a subcontractor) - Support new programs by investigating new materials & processes - Interact with suppliers when they have materials questions or problems - Support quality engineering and procurement when they have questions or audit/surveillance visits - Eventually you develop proficiency in certain materials or processes. Common materials: aluminum alloys, stainless steels, alloy steels, resin-based composites, plastics, adhesives, titanium alloys. Common processes: composite layup and sealing, metals forming (drawing, stamping, forging, etc.), heat treating, welding & brazing, surface finishing, painting
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