What does a Macy's omni buyer do?

What does a Macy's omni buyer do?
2018-09-30T22:40:31Z 1

Former Omni Buying at Macy's, Inc.

almost 2 years ago
Lots of spreadsheets & analytics whether you end up in buying or planning (if you go through college recruiting, you don't really have a choice but you can voice your preference). Buyer role is a bit more involved, and you work more with marketing / advertising / store visual execution (for stores, that well, continue to close lol). Lots of fire drills and last minute projects from management who can't make up their mind. Honestly, don't do it. When I left, I noticed them recruiting Barnard students for Merchandise Assistant (MA) roles, a task-oriented role that doesn't require a college degree, and the company's direction for this role keeps changing (at one point, MA's were supposed to be life-time MA's with no career advancement). My coworkers often spent their downtime searching for other jobs, but found it hard to switch industries from a retail background.
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