Any tips on how I can prepare for an interview for a Senior Software engineer position at Accenture?

Any tips on how I can prepare for an interview for a Senior Software engineer position at Accenture?
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Senior Software Engineer at Accenture

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You need to keep below points in mind while preparing for an interview as a Senior Software engineer:
  • As a senior software engineer you will be interviewed for specific skills like Database administrator, Application programmer, Systems engineer, ERP specialist, e-comm specialist, etc. There are further bifurcations in skills of an application programmer like Python, PHP , ROR, Java, iOS, Android, Node js, etc and these can be divided further on the basis of frameworks like spring , Django, eCommerce platforms like Hybris, WCS, Sales Force, etc . As a senior software engineer you are going in as an experienced candidate and the interview would always be around your previous experience. 
  • So you need to master your skills whatever you are being interviewed upon. Generally there are two technical rounds mostly dealing with your skills but also the surrounding areas (eg: Spring developers can be asked core & advanced JAVA concepts). 
  • Mind it you can always be asked questions on Data structures, Algorithms & Database design on any interview for an application programmer. So one needs to have a comprehensive idea about these topics on their tips. 
  • If you are changing your domain (eg: from JAVA to Node js developer) you still need to answer questions about the new skill like an experienced candidate in that domain. At least you need to have a fair idea about the new skill set to get a job as a senior engineer, else you would be considered as a fresher(entry level) programmer in that skill.  
  • After the two technical rounds of interview, there will be a HR round. This is majorly to discuss you compensation expectations and preferred location. 
  • Generally everything moves in a timely manner but don’t lose patience & hope if you don’t receive calls in a couple of weeks. A delay is also expected as Accenture is a very large organization. If you have cleared rounds you will surely receive calls.

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