Tips for my interview to take on a QE developer position at Adobe?

Tips for my interview to take on a QE developer position at Adobe?
2018-08-29T17:23:51Z 1

Former QE Developer Intern at Adobe Systems

about 3 years ago
While preparing for technical interviews by knowing your fundamentals and understanding algorithms, my experience with interviewing with Adobe was a little different from what you normally hear. I only had one 45 minute phone call with my manager, where he asked me about my experience in Computer Science, Automated Testing, and challenges I'd faced during my life both in and out of my field. While some of my fellow interns had more technical interviews, a common theme was how Adobe put a lot of time for the behavioral interview. They really want to get to know you as a person, and how you will fit within the team. My manager told me specifically that all he needed was our one call, because he had a good feeling about me and how I'd work within the team. So I think while having your technical know how down is important, I think also being able to show your passion for learning new things, and how your personality would mesh within the team is important as well. Don't set the behavioral interview on the back burner while preparing.
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