What is it like in a day in the life of a canvasser at Clean Water Action like?

What is it like in a day in the life of a canvasser at Clean Water Action like?
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Former Employee at Clean Water Action

about 2 years ago
-Show up to the office around 2:30pm. Have a meeting with the other canvassers and Field Manager for roughly an hour. Go over the numbers of the previous day, celebrate whomever did well, stretch, practice the "rap" (the speech we give to strangers), and warm up those friendly & smiley attitudes. Collect clipboards, receipts, postcards, and pens. -Leave around 3:30 and drive for up to an hour to the location where you will canvass. This changes about every day. Some days I left western MA for CT, VT, ME, NH, or NY. -4:30 take a 30-45 minute lunch/dinner break. - Around 5pm we are driven to the patch of streets that each individual is given. Have an independent meeting with the Field Manager where they hype you up, go over the map with you, inform you of big donors in the area, point out your flaws from the previous day or celebrate what you did well. -Go alone door to door to door. Ring door bells or knock to find someone in each home. Say your name with a smile, and go into your "rap." Let them know why you're there (to collect money for environmental lobbyists and signatures on postcards that will be sent to sway politicians' beliefs) and answer questions they may have. Clean Water Action is assertive and doesn't like to take "no" for an answer. Three to four "no's" must be said until the canvasser moves on to the next house. -Sometimes the strangers are rude and belittle you. Sometimes they laugh in your face at what you're asking. In the beginning I cried every night from accusatory people who were mad that I asked them for money. -Sometimes people let their dogs out to bite me and chase me away (yes I was very afraid), or threatened to call the cops, or actually took a gun out to scare me off their property. -Ask strangers for BOLD financial contributions. Negotiate their price up and up to their maximum agreement. - Around 9pm we get picked up in the van and drive roughly an hour home. On the way we count up cash, checks, credit card swipes, and postcards. We all record our individual #s and then calculate the group #s. - At the office we put away our materials, give everything to the Field Manager, and put postcards in a bin. -Go home around 10/10:30pm either feeling elated from robbing innocent people of their money and time, or feeling depressed and discouraged from being called mean things by strangers and letting down the Field Manager by not earning sufficient donations that day.
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