What does it take to be a good analyst at JP Morgan?

What does it take to be a good analyst at JP Morgan?
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Former CIB Operations Analyst at JP Morgan

over 3 years ago
You will have great opportunities to seek out a mentor and develop a rapport with them; you and your immediate manager will also be able to set short- and long-term goals for yourself, such as: processing a specific client request without team assistance after “x” number of days, learning a new skill, or completing some mandatory training. It may be necessary to cross-train with another group—this is where your group and another group learn how to complete tasks for each other. As you begin working there, ask as many questions as you need to in order to perform tasks correctly, and really get to know your team. It is also important to attend social and volunteering events that the bank holds, when possible; don’t be afraid to propose your own social and volunteer ideas, too. As you will be working with sensitive financial information from the bank and its clients, you will need to make sure that you follow all requirements in place to ensure that client or bank information remains secure–this is where it helps to be detail-oriented. If that information makes it to someone who shouldn’t have it, your manager and the compliance team must be notified immediately. You will be interacting with clients and other teams / offices within the bank through phone and email, so being able to explain things clearly through these mediums of communication is a necessity. There are resources which show the structure of the bank and the roles / names of everyone working there—make use of this so that you can see how the bank operates.

Former Sophomore Program Summer Analyst at J.P. Morgan

about 3 years ago
Be hungry for knowledge and never do just what you're told, do more. You want people to remember who you are. Network around the firm to get a better understanding of groups outside of just yours to get a broad understanding of how groups are interconnected with one another. Do not hesitate to reach out to senior level people with questions and if you're struggling, be sure to seek help/assistance from members on your team, your manager or online resources.
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