A day in the life of a tech support rep at NetApp - what can I expect?

A day in the life of a tech support rep at NetApp - what can I expect?
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Tech Support for NETAPP University at NetApp

about 2 years ago
I work remote most of the time and only go into the office if we have company function. All meetings with team are done remote, usually on Tuesdays and last 30 to 45 minutes. Some training is also done remote. During the course of a day, I research customer issues in a timely manner and follow up directly with customers on recommendations and action plans. Collaborates with other Technical Support Engineers who may need assistance working a case; utilize my area of expertise to help them in order to most quickly facilitate solutions for customers. Escalates cases to other more senior Technical Support Engineers and/or Escalation Engineers when the problem is too complex or falls out of specific area of expertise. Leverages internal technical expertise, including higher-level engineers, knowledge base, and other internal tools, to provide the most effective solutions to customer issues. Creates new knowledge base articles to share information for reuse throughout the Technical Support Center. Shares best practices with Technical Support Center staff and learn about new technologies and complimentary storage applications
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