Anyone here with experience as a loss prevention officer for Kohl's? What do you do in this position?

Anyone here with experience as a loss prevention officer for Kohl's? What do you do in this position?
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Loss Prevention Officer at Kohl's Corporation

about 2 years ago
LPOs conduct theft investigations and make apprehensions. They write reports, conduct interviews, interact with law enforcement, fire employees, build organized retail criminal cases, install hidden pin-hole cameras, and testify in court. They are trained in building safety and OSHA regulations, and are tasked with training new associates with proper cash handling procedures and company policies. They audit unit-system accuracy and make recommendations for shortage reductions. Some are plain-clothes and others where the rent-a-cop uniform. Some companies give LPOs handcuffs and others don’t. Operational mistakes account for 30% of shortages in retail and lefts are much less than that, typically around 3-5%, so LPOs are more of a face for reminding companies that there is a real eye in the sky behind the camera systems. Sadly, a thief is a liar, so LPOs also have the luxury of being lied to everyday by dishonest employees and shoplifters. I’ve had a gun and a few knives pulled on me, helped investigate multiple executives who got fired, caught employees making fraudulent returns and cash thefts...LPOs babysit adults and gain a ton of experience that is difficult to quantify in value because it is like telling an employer that you know the exact job description and functions of everyone in the building, have full investigative autonomy over all of them, yet get paid only a couple dollars more an hour than the folks on the cash registers, and around $80,000 less annually than the executives you’re tasked with monitoring and partnering with. Firing people who make $90-$120k annually while making $20-30k annually teaches you humility. I once initiated an organized retail criminal investigation that recovered around $2 million in stolen merchandise and got a plaque and award for it. It is one of those, “you struck gold, but it is my shovel on my land” kind of jobs.
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