How can I use my psychology major and leverage it to work in the IT department?

How can I use my psychology major and leverage it to work in the IT department?
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IT Consultant at TEKsystems

over 1 year ago
A Psychology Degree translates in the IT workplace as higher social skills, emotional intelligence e.g., predicting your teammate's next move and stepping up to offer assistance before a problem may otherwise have occurred. ... I like to think of my four superpowers being transferable and substantive enough, when supported by empirical evidence, reproducible experiments. These four powers are exactly the four objectives intrinsic to mastery of the study of behaviour: to predict, to explain, to describe, and to control behaviour. Your Psychology major affords you a liberal, hodgepodge perspective - or lens through which you will form, shape your own worldview....Undubiously your worldview will change, like your taste buds do, with the acquisition of further understanding, comprehension and working experience. Caveat: remain flexible as most psychology majors (not the rigid ones) but those who seem to have personality do seem more flexible. Your Psychology major is a liberal arts approach to understanding why your place in the real world. Caveat colon further education, degree, mooc, certification, experience etcetera may be necessary to take this major with you to the TOP: where YOU WILL go if you are humble, assertive, diligent, kind knowledgeable, punctual(early), I digress. Next?...

Hardware Products Technician at C Squared Systems, LLC

6 months ago
This is an old post but I wanted to comment regardless. As an student majoring in IT, any background you come from can be leveraged in this industry. I've worked with people who have studied art degrees such as writing, music theory, etc., and they have contributed a unique personality to their roles and the organization. As the above comment notes, you should have a heightened level of emotional intelligence from your education which could allow you to be someone that people at their own level can talk to about things that bother them; we're usually an introverted bunch but can open up to someone who will listen.
If you are seeking a career in IT with a psychology degree, prepare for this choice to be questioned in interviews and be prepared to define and defend your position and reason for coming to the interview. Also, be prepared to demonstrate some real skills pertinent to whatever job you're applying to in the field. I'm not trying to discourage you, I am being realistic. Being a psychology major and selling a schtick on how you'll fit an organization based solely on this isn't going to go well for anyone. You will need to have the skills necessary for the job and be in good practice of them.
I wish you good luck!
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