What does one do as a Systems Engineer at IBM?

What does one do as a Systems Engineer at IBM?
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Former Systems Engineer at IBM

over 1 year ago
I began work for ibm in 1987 and I don’t know for sure that ibm is still organized this way - but a systems engineer was a aotqare and technical marketing role. They had a one year training program. I had direct customers and met with them regularly to make system recommendations and updates and train users on ibm’s software systems. Typically we evaluated software, hardware, services and financial packages to run major businesses in Vermont. Solutions were designed to meet a business need. For instance, if I had Stowe Ski area ( Mt Mansfield Corp) I would Demo system software for front of the house - tickets, lodging, etc and show how it integrates with back of house ( financials) to make better business decisions. We did ROI analysis and acted as software services consultants. The counter parts to my job were the marketing rep ( sales person) and the customer engineer ( maintenance tech). These were all part of a division called marketing and services.
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