Can someone list the career paths that are possible for an Accounting major?

Can someone list the career paths that are possible for an Accounting major?
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Tax Intern at Valley Oak Financial, PLC

over 1 year ago
The two main ways to go in accounting are Public and Private (Corporate). Public accounting includes jobs like Tax, Audit, Consulting. At a Public accounting firm you will provide accounting services to external clients, whereas on the private side you are working on internal accounting tasks for the company you work for. To get a good idea of what kinds of things there are to do at a public accounting firm, look around the websites of the Big 4 (Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers/PwC, Ernst & Young/EY, and KPMG).
Working in accounting for a private (corporate) company includes tasks like Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Bookkeeping, Financial Statement prep, payroll, etc. This isn't necessarily exactly how it will always be but this at least gives you a general idea of Public vs Private Accounting. You can also go into more of a finance role (such as, financial analyst or data analyst) if you have the right background and experiences (you can align your career path in this direction by taking applicable classes during college, talk to an adviser or someone in the career you want for advice on this)

Tax Intern at Oracle

over 2 years ago
I think career path for accounting is similar to tax. Generally, it is good to start the career in an accounting firm, especially Big 4. The experiences in Big 4 is really valued by many industries, so many people will choose to start in Big 4 for a while, and seek a chance to go to industries. I also know some people will go to the government for the financial related work.
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