What skills are needed to succeed as a Go To Market Associate at Thomson Reuters?

What skills are needed to succeed as a Go To Market Associate at Thomson Reuters?
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Go To Market Associate at Thomson Reuters

about 2 years ago
There are three main characteristics that I believe make for a good GTMA, being eager, personable, and malleable. Coming in early and staying late is unfortunately part of the job description for many early careers and mid-late year careers alike. When I say to be eager, I want to make it clear that I do NOT mean to come in at 6 am and stay until midnight. What I do mean exactly is to reach out to people that are doing things that you are interested in. TR Financial and Risk (now Refinitiv post Blackstone LBO, will go live as of October 1st) is an enormous company with people globally that have their own focuses. Do research into what you may like to do within the organization and ask around as to who the best contacts for said job/asset class are the best. Refinitiv is a sales company through and through. While we are a leading market data provider to many different sectors, what our organization boils down to is sales. The best skill that you can have as a salesperson is to be personable, to have people like you. Not everyone you meet is going to be your best friend, but being able to have cordial conversations with people from vastly different backgrounds is imperative in a sales organization. You've reached out and met people and made worthy connections, now comes time to find out what you are actually doing for the company. The final skill that will help out in this is being willing and able to learn new things quickly. In a large organization there are a lot of moving parts, it is hard for managers to predict where the holes and opportunities will be. That being said, you have to be ready to pivot and learn new things quickly to immediately provide value.
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