What skills do I need to have to succeed as a Service Facility Manager?

What skills do I need to have to succeed as a Service Facility Manager?
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Former Service Facility Manager at Textron

about 2 years ago
Patience, Organization, Proactivity, and Mechanical Intuition. My job consisted of managing the mechanic lineup, the work order schedule, parts/supply stock, and client quotes. It was a lot to do, so organization was key. Patience is the only trait that you had to have because clients liked to haggle or complain about pricing a lot. So, even though you were short on time, you had to sit, listen, and use your people skills to turn the conversation around. Mechanical intuition came in handy because the position also entails being able to troubleshoot and advise mechanics when necessary. Finally, proactivity, as with everything and everywhere, is what moves you up the ladder. By my fifth year, I was managing the whole company, got myself involved in accounting, aircraft sales, marketing, the flight school and FBO. I outpaced all coworkers and was able to bring that to my advantage, exceeding the goals I set myself for my department and the whole company. I became the CEO's right hand. I wouldn't have gotten there should I had stayed put. I recon this is not something that could be done in a very vertical structure or without too much flexibility, but it's something I would still stress a lot.
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