Seeing the growth of computer science roles, what motivated you to become a software engineer?

Seeing the growth of computer science roles, what motivated you to become a software engineer?
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Former Telecommunications Specialist at Parkland Health and Hospital System

8 months ago
For me, computers haven't always been my first choice. To be honest, I don't even have the title of a software engineer just yet. When I was a senior in high school, I took a course, Computer Maintenance. Then, that was the only techie class my school had available. I took it and learned how to build a computer host from scratch utilizing a Pentium 4 motherboard; as you can guess, I loved it and thought, since I know somewhat of the hardware, why not learn the software...(that was my whole logic behind it all. You get it? Logic? As in, logic within the motherboard...yeah, that was the only pun I could think of). I digress. Using code to develop and build was more than just being a theoretical architect, but for me it was about taking complex problems and providing simple solutions for them. There will always be questions about "how we can make life better?". I just want to be around to figure out the answer.

Graduate Services Assistant at Cyber-Socio Intelligent Systems (CySIS) Lab

about 2 years ago
Since, my school days I was into computers and coding as Computer Science was one of the electives in high school for me. I developed an early interest towards coding and i started with C, C++ and moved to Java over the time. So, i decided to pursue my under-grad degree( Bachelor's) in Computer Science. I liked solving complex problems with coding.

Online Sales Associate at eBay

9 months ago
It was the most effective way for me to contribute to society, lookup 80,000 hours dot org. I also like the feeling of creating something from nothing, and have always been passionate about video game development and real-time computer graphics.
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