How does my role as a software engineer contribute to Intel's general mission as a company?

How does my role as a software engineer contribute to Intel's general mission as a company?
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Former Software Intern at Intel Corporation

about 3 years ago
Intel believes in creating technology that improves people's lives. My web application project helped Intel with creating a starting point for data management for PC configuration data, which greatly simplifies the work of future developers working on the project and improves organization within the team.

Former Software Engineer at Intel

over 3 years ago
Intel is a pretty big company. The hierarchy of the company is made in such a way, that each and everyone is taken care and well-supported. So, if anyone among the employee, be it a fresher or a team lead, everyone gets a chance to be different and shine in the company with his/her intellectual expertise. Even Intel conducts many cultural events in its own campuses to make its campus more vibrant and joyful. So, when a software engineer develops a feature on the top of an application interface (API), it becomes a part of Intel (a contribution from that software engineer to the Intel Corporation). So, if the part which the software engineer played to develop a new feature is extraordinary, he will definitely get awarded/appreciation. In addition, there are some rewards for the people who stay in Intel as an employee for 5 years, 10 years and 25 years, etc. So, they want people to be associated with them for longer time and continue giving their best performance. So, lets say, one feature request came from a customer and the software engineer did develop it and then it went for testing to the customer and they find that the feature development which happened or done is extraordinary, then soon an appreciation mail will be coming from your manager. It totally depends on the manager if the work is outstanding, then you can even expect a better hike in your salary.
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