Were you supported from your upper management at Epic?

Were you supported from your upper management at Epic?
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Project Manager/Implementation Consultant at Epic

over 1 year ago
I received a lot of support at Epic and I believe the company is extremely supportive as a community professionally and non-professionally. You are assigned a manager on your individual projects and you are assigned a boss who also functions as your advisor. If a crisis situation arises, the managers tend deflect responsibility to protect themselves over employees but they are great resources and incredibly knowledgable. Some will advise you on any issues you have and become your friends. Fortunately, they tend to be passionate about the job since they have been there for at least a year, but they are often young and their abilities as managers and support figures vary dramatically. I would say most managers are extremely supportive and they tend to emphasize with you about work and work struggles. The boss is a supportive friend figure who will also push you to work harder. The boss receives directions from her boss (who you likely won't met) who receives directions from elusive upper management on how to direct employees and push them to their fullest potential. There is also extreme variation in how supportive they are. I met with my boss weekly and she took a great interest in making sure I excel but fellow employees had vastly different experiences. Some employees are pushed into management roles whereas others really want to demonstrate their abilities to upper management and take pride in being managers.
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