How's the training program for your role at Epic?

How's the training program for your role at Epic?
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Project Manager/Implementation Consultant at Epic

over 1 year ago
The training program for me was a six-month process in which I became certified in modules of the software; I earned six certifications. I attended classes on professional skills, the company, and particular issues I would face. I completed classes and coursework on building software. After these classes, I completed projects in which I customized the software based on directions. The projects were graded. Following a project, we had to take graded, timed exams. I also did group work classes and team building workshops. I also did two observational rotations in which I travelled with a team and witnessed how the software works and what exactly people in my role do. I have heard the training program is now much more abbreviated, but training never stops. There are weekly and monthly meetings on ways to improve and new features about which to learn. Epic employees are often pursuing new certifications and there is always more to learn about the software and being a project manager.
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