What does your company find valuable in terms of your philosophy degree?

What does your company find valuable in terms of your philosophy degree?
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Project Manager/Implementation Consultant at Epic

almost 3 years ago
The philosophy degree helped me formulate presentations and solve problems. Majoring in philosophy taught me to approach problem solving by recreating and analyzing the structure of a problem. Philosophy taught me to question how each step in a problem can have multiple reasons. This logical, questioning process led me to pursue the most realistic cause for a problem before ruling any particular reason out. I also applied this problem solving approach to make learning the software more efficient. I often applied this logical structure to answering questions for clients and giving proposals for possible projects or ways of customizing software. Moreover, employees do not want long emails at work. Since I had experience paring down complex, winded arguments into premise and conclusion structures in philosophy classes, I was able to apply this skill in writing work emails. Essentially, the philosophy degree taught me how to apply empirical, scientific thinking to everyday work issues. My experience with difficult topics in Philosophy made it easier to talk and write about complex work topics (few topics are more complex than metaphysics, Kant, and Wittgenstein). Majoring in Philosophy also taught me to be very questioning of authority and make proposals when I saw more efficient ways of doing things. I believe this helped me complete project plans faster than fellow employees who were often less likely to think outside the box.
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