How does your average day as a Technical Recruiter for TEKsystems go?

How does your average day as a Technical Recruiter for TEKsystems go?
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Recruiter and Account Manager at TEKsystems

almost 2 years ago
A day in the life of a recruiter and account Manager at TEKsystems was very fast-paced and competitive. It is a high turnover sales environment, so you need to have a drive to sell and compete. A typical day includes lots of cold calls and external meetings. TEKsystems is a company that’s great for someone who wants to grow personally and sell, and has the potential for a lot of financial growth.

Technical Recruiter at TEKsystems

about 2 years ago
Technical Recruiters spend most of their days interviewing candidates in and out of the office, searching for candidates that meet their requirements and preparing candidates from submission to client's positions. Recruiters works in an open work-space, collaborative environment and meet daily with their managers and team. Recruiters are put through a great training program over the first 12 weeks of their employment and learn the technology industry inside and out. They get to interact with interesting, intelligent customers and technical professionals. Recruiters also attend networking events, user groups, and career fairs regularly. Successful recruiters can quickly have the opportunity to receive training to be promoted into an Account Manager position.
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