What's an average day for a Recruiter at TEKsystems?

What's an average day for a Recruiter at TEKsystems?
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Former Recruiter at TEKsystems

almost 2 years ago
Things may have changed in the last little bit, since there came a new office director. When I was there, it was required that we arrive at the office no later than 7:30 AM to prepare for the day. At 8:00 AM, there was a daily meeting which lasts for a bout half an hour to go over the daily requirements, goals, and execution plans. Then people disperse to go on the phone/clients to recruit or find companies to recruit for. Until about 11:00-11:30 AM, people start going out of the office to have lunch with candidates(for the recruiters) or clients(for the account managers). It was highly recommended that people go out to meet candidates or clients everyday. 12:30-1:00 PM, people head back to the office, and start the meeting/calling for the afternoon. People start leaving the office at 5:30 PM everyday.
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