In your opinion, what are some of the necessary skills I'd need to succeed as a sales person?

In your opinion, what are some of the necessary skills I'd need to succeed as a sales person?
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Former Sales Person at Verizon Wireless Retail

about 2 years ago
To be a good sales person, you have to know your customer market well. A lot of times, a salesperson like to promote what they themselves think is great about the product, but your customer may be looking for different things. So it is important to first ask your customer questions and do your best to understand their perspective. Unless you are required to, don't give your customer extra unhelpful information. For example, explaining to an old customer about the specific features of the new iPhone when they don't even understand how the app store works will cause unnecessary frustration on both ends. Everything you say should help you sell the product.

Former Student Outreach Representative at University of Wisconsin La Crosse

about 1 year ago
First and foremost, a successful salesperson needs to be extremely confident, self-motivated, and overly familiar with the product you are trying to sell (tickets, retail, real estate, insurance, etc). First, you'll need to learn every feature the product or service has to offer. Doing this will help your confidence and help answer any question a customer/prospect may have. Next, you'll need to know how to define your market. If you think about your product or service demographically, you'll be able to narrow down what types of people you'll be targeting in the beginning. Once you define your market or who you're going to prospect, you'll need to come up with an approach/sales pitch. One of the most important skills I was taught early on was the ability to alter my pitch/approach to different types of people. Thankfully I was given the demographics and purchase history of my clients, so this part was easier than most for me. For example if you know what the customer bought in the past, know their gender, and know their general persona, it'll be WAY easier for you to how to start and continue your approach. Once you get going in sales (may take some time) you'll slowly gain the confidence to start attempting new things and it'll become much easier. The more information you have, the better off you'll be. Remember to be enthusiastic, have confidence, be yourself, and not to push it too quick.
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