Is there any type of bank teller training program at Bank of America Merrill Lynch?

Is there any type of bank teller training program at Bank of America Merrill Lynch?
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Former Bank Teller at Bank of America Merrill Lynch

over 1 year ago
Like most blue-chip companies you will see a great program. BoA has an online platform designed to get you into the teller window asap. Focusing first on the very basics of the job, and eventually to the more expansionary roles. a)balancing cash & transactions daily. b)customer conversations around products they may find a useful. c)introducing customers to things to come before they launch, so they have time to adapt. (a lot of customers that still come into the bank are very set in their routines and do not wish to change them. It will be an ongoing conversation to get people to adopt new tech) If you get these down, I would expect the opportunity for advancement if you want that. Become aware of how your superiors do their job. Try and help when able and be available to do so when asked. It was not uncommon to see teammates take off several months for children or a few weeks for vacation. IF the knowledgeable team works well together those times will be less stress, a comparable workflow, and higher quality experience for customers compared to the alternative. Lastly, if you have problems with hardware, software, or personnel, you should ask for help. I was blessed and had an assistant manager that was very kind and informative. Without the guiding force in the process of learning the job, I might not have wanted to continue. Rely on those in the team with more experience and knowledge and learn from them.
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