What is a Tax Intern's role at PwC?

What is a Tax Intern's role at PwC?
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Former Tax Intern at PwC

about 2 years ago
All the tax interns attended a weeklong training at the start of the spring semester internship in Washington, DC. Here, we met the other interns from the US and familiarized ourselves with the firm, technology and other resources we would be using during our internship. We also had social events throughout the week that were a lot of fun! In the office, I did everything from prepping returns and extensions to coding. At the end of my internship I was able to prepare an entire final workpaper and return which was very fulfilling! I updated and rolled spreadsheets, conducted research for a partner, and occasionally made copies and organized files. Typically, a senior would ask for my availability and walk me through what they wanted me to work on that day or that week. A lot of what I did involved taking prior year workpapers and updating the current year based on new supporting documentation. Nonetheless, I did have downtime in which I competed some mandatory training modules and explored the firms education database which offered a multitude of resources like trainings, TED talks and articles.
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