At PwC, what was the good and bad of being a Tax Intern?

At PwC, what was the good and bad of being a Tax Intern?
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Former Tax Intern at PwC

about 2 years ago
What I liked the most about being a tax intern was finally being able to take the concepts I had been learning in school and applying them to actual work. The connections are not always obvious. However, when I was able to make even partial sense of a workpaper based on my knowledge I felt very fulfilled. Also, I liked that in the office I felt like part of the team. I was treated like other employees and never felt different for being an intern. I would not say I disliked any part of my experience. I would say for me the most challenging part was that everyday I was doing something new, so I always had questions and sometimes took longer than I had planned because I would get stuck and have to get help. I like to be able to get things done quick and correct but in this role, I had to step back and realize that I have a lot of learning to do and that the efficiency will come with time. I was never pressured from anybody to work faster or harder, it was simply pressure I put on myself.
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